upgrade harddisks of LG-NAS N2R1

I could not find any guide of upgrading my LG-NAS N2R1 with RAID 1 with bigger hard drives. In short:

  • I bought two 2TB drives.
  • Replace HDD 2 with a new HDD:
    • Remove drive 2 from the raid using System > Volume > Add/Remove HDD
    • Replace old HD with new HD
    • Insert new HD in the NAS
    • Activate the new HD from System > Volume > Add/Remove HDD
  • Let the new HD resync.
    Please note that for now the NAS will resync only the same volume, thus the size of the volume will remain as before. In my case, LG-NAS reported 1TB, not 2TB
  • Replace the other HD too, using the same steps and let it resync
  • Magically the LG-NAS will increase the volume size after resync to the max. It resized to full capacity. I have now a 2TB NAS

Great machine

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43 Comments on “upgrade harddisks of LG-NAS N2R1”

  1. Dennis Baaten Says:

    It worked! Nice. I once did this manually on my Linux hosting server with software RAID 1 … I prefer your method: a nice GUI and just mouse click your way into the 2TB-club. 🙂

  2. Gabi Says:

    Hello, only a thing, your guide is perfectly ! Don’t find any guide for add HD on my LG N2R1 on internet, but now is resolve for your help.

    Thank you very much !!!

    P.D. Sorry for my poor english…I’m Català (Spanish).


  3. Reinier Balt Says:

    great that it helped you. It is a fun machine and very quiet 🙂

  4. Mike Says:

    Thanks Reinier, just about to do the same on my NAS.

    I had thought to copy all the data to a 1TB HDD then add the 2TB HDDs, then copy it all back!

    I think your way as much better! 8)

  5. Reinier Balt Says:

    Actually, I started with copying all data to a usb-drive as backup to be save before I switched the drives in the nas 🙂

  6. Tim Says:

    I realize this was posted forever ago but I am looking to upgrade my Hard Drives on this NAS and can’t find a recommended hard drive list anywhere. LG has not been responsive to questions. Do you remember what hard drives you used to upgrade your box?

  7. Reinier Balt Says:

    i tried WD Caviar Green 2T. Works fine. The LG-NAS doesn’t support 3T drives.

  8. Jason Says:

    Hi I tried to update my system with two 1.5tb units and it sees the disks as 1.36tb after formatting no doubt but hasnt resized the partition so I am still looking at a mirrored 700gb of the old data.
    Is there anyway I can get it to resize without taking a unit out and reformatting the Initial one, In which case I fear it may only see 1tb anyway…
    I followed your routine.
    Thanks for any Info

  9. Reinier Balt Says:

    if you leave your initial hd into the lg-nas and replace the second with the 1.5TB one, it will not resize the new HD. But after the new HD is sync-ed and you replace the first initial hd with a new 1.5TB one, it will sync and resize. At least, that worked for me.

  10. Jeroen Says:

    Anyone has any idea if the N2RD supports 3tb disks? Can’t find anything on the web about it and nothing on the LG site either.


  11. Reinier Says:

    I think it may work with the latest software update. But I never went beyond 2tb

  12. Berndt Says:

    Would it be possible to add an 6TB drive, and actually be ablöe to use all 6TB into this NAS?

  13. site admin Says:

    I am not sure what the limit for this nas is. Using the new software, it should be possible to use large drives, but I have not tried. Perhaps there is some info on the LG website?

  14. Berndt Says:

    Short update, I bougt the 6TB WD Red, and it will not recognize it. Latest software for the NAS is installed. Tried on both bays, both with and without 2nd working HDD.
    Wonder what the next step would be, upgrade to the Zyxel 540?

  15. Willy Says:

    Hi, I have the N2R1 LG-HAS with 2 TB drives in each harddrive bay. I set the volume back when I first installed it as Raid1. Recently the drive in Bay 1 failed. I purchased another 2TB drive to replace it and when I insert it nothing happens. I see a message on the LCD that says HD Inserted but it never does the automatic resync. The drive shows up as inactive. I have attempted to add it via the volume menu several times but the system seems to crash and every time I reboot it if fails until I remove the added drive. Any help will be appreciated

  16. Reinier Balt Says:

    First, try to make a backup of the working hard drive. Just to be sure.

    Then try to put the working hard drive in the first slot and try to boot the na with only one hard drive. Then insert the new one and try to add it to the volume.

  17. Willy Says:

    Ok, Will give that a try.

  18. Willy Says:

    I tried to put the working drive in the first slot but it still would not do the autosync. Still cannot add it manually either.
    Since I took a backup I decided to take both drives out and remove all partitions to start from scratch and also did the factory restore by holding left and right then power up until enclosure mode comes up. After that All I get in the volume menu is Individual Disiks(disk1,disk2). I do not get any of the Raid options. I also updated the firmware to what I had before which was 2660 still no Raid options. What do I need to do in order to ger the Raid in the selection drop-down?

  19. Willy Says:

    At this point I am not sure what I can do to be able to select a RAID option.
    All I get is Individual Disiks(disk1,disk2).

    Please help

  20. Rod Says:

    Hi Will, unfortunately you have updated to the new UI which as described by LG changelog that firmware version removed all the RAID options from the NAS device.
    Firmware Version (System) : 10094
    ¡Ø NOTICE 2 ¡Ø

    1. ODD iSCSI, WebDAV, Mobile UI, RAID1+JBOD and Hibernation mode(Only standby mode is supported) are not supported anymore in New UI. If you want to keep using this feature, please do NOT upgrade to New UI.

    2. Downgrade to the previous UI is NOT supported.

    Hope this helps!

  21. Jason Says:

    Glad users are supporting each other. I like to upgrade my N2R1 DD2 to bigger HDD from the original 2 x 1 TB, hopefully to 2 x 4 TB. But, I can’t even getting one new 1 TB recognized by the NAS. I can’t get my current firmware, 2450 upgraded, either. Is it true that I will lose all my user data, when upgrading firmware? I don’t want to risk that. LG support is not very helpful. What should I do, to at least upgrade the capacity, and replace the two 5 yr-old HDD, to newer, bigger ones. Any advice will be much appreciated!!

  22. Jason Says:

    Continue from last posted question, I followed the instruction to, 1) insert the new, 1 TB to Bay2, >volume, >add HDD, even though the NAS screen says initialize HDD, but the new HDD remains inactive. What did I do wrong?

  23. Jason Says:

    After playing with the menu, original in Bay 1, new HDD in Bay 2, I was able to format the new HDD, which is active now. But I still can’t see the HDD in the directory. Do I need to name the volume? Do I need to select a RAID level? It warns me for all data loss. So I canceled out. Should I select RAID 0? RAID 1? to at least get the new HDD recognized?

  24. Willy Says:

    @Rod my NAS has not been updated to the New UI. I am glad to know the new UI does not support NAS. I have always used RAID on it and my issue started when one HD crashed. I replaced it with a warranty replacement HD from Seagate and it never sync it up. I did a reset on the NAS and it never gave me the RAID option

  25. Willy Says:

    @Jason, I do not believe the NAS will support any HD larger that 2 TB. I could be wrong though.

  26. Jason Says:

    Urgent help needed!
    I pulled HDD2 out and formated a new HDD as volume 2. (NAS is set up as two individual HDD). When I put the old HDD2 back, the NAs could not read my old HDD2, and the status menu shows it is inactive. Did I lose all my original data on this old HDD2? Do I need to go for data recovery services? I try to add the old HDD2 back, as individual disk, the system asks me 1) Add HDD with data in selected HDD saved? 2) Add HDD with data in selected HDD deleted? What does that mean? Which one should I select, to possibly keep my data on the old HDD2? Or I have lost it anyways, and need to seek help from data recovery services? My more than 10 years of pictures, 🙁 , Help !!

  27. Willy Says:

    HI, I wanted to report back on the issue I was having that I posted above.
    It turns out that the reason I was not able to setup my RAID again was because of the hard drive failure. Basically everything started going south after I noticed one of my hard drives failed. I attempted to replace the bad drive and could not get the RAID to sync up. I then went ahead and copied all my data fro the drive that was still working and proceeded to reconfigure my NAS as if it was new “Factory Reset”. No matter what I would do I could not get the RAID working always show 1 drive as inactive. Well to make a long story short after many resets back and forth and almost giving up on the NAS I found that the second drive was also bad. It was working but it would fail intermittently. Somehow it worked enough when I was able to copy the data out and for the few months I had my NAS running with just that one drive. After I put in 2 new “Warranty Replaced” 2 TB drives back in I was able to create the RAID1 with ease. So basically if you have any strange issues check both drives to avoid the troubles I went thru.

  28. Lars Says:

    Jason, I had same problem. Installed a new HDD2, just to see if it worked with the NAS, and was not able to read/access the old HDD2. The NAS is using Linux, so I installed a reader for Linux filesystem, diskinternals.com and was able to read old HDD when installed in a computer as internal HDD, or via a USD connection for HDD.
    New HDD2 is a 4TB (4 TB Seagate Desktop HDD.15 ST4000DM), see https://drive.bitcasa.com/send/PusWKGPVLjBm3CJ7rcNOv9ZetTwWJMzSC-xEgKbjGNjY is working fine, new UI
    However I cannot replace the original 1TB Hitachi HDD1 with a 2 TB Seagate or 2 TB Hitachi, strange

  29. John Says:

    Pretty sure I read that even with the newest firmware, the kernel version didn’t change so it does not support the 4K sector drives. I even tried a Seagate NAS which is supposed to translate 4K sectors into 512B sectors; the N2R1 wouldn’t even boot with that drive in it. Not via hotswap, not even when I removed the drive from the RAID volume. So now the old drive is back in and the array is being rebuilt…

    I tried Hitachi drives that supposedly had only 32M cache and were 512 Ks ector drives – the NAS wouldn’t recognize them. The only drive I have been able to get to work recently has been this:

    Incidnetally I have been running 2TB drives in this thing for 5 years. One is still going like a champion, the other one failed about a year ago.

    2 of these in RAID1 is how I initially set it up when I first got it in February 2011:


  30. Sten Says:

    I have a fully working N2B1 with 2x1TB disks in RAID1 configuration.
    I would like to upgrade to 2x2TB disks (still in RAID1 configuration)

    In this thread I see lots of challenges but I also see some people having 2TB disks working in their LG NAS. Can anyone guide me to a presently available, working 2TB disk?

    I was considering the Seagate NAS model, but it seems it is not working in the LG NAS or did I get that wrong?

  31. Sten Says:

    I decided to try my luck with the Seagate NAS 2TB disks, and they work like a charm.

    Installation was as easy as described in the original post above, and system immediately recognized the 2TB disk which I then had to add manually to the degraded volume. After some hours of sync’ing system was basck to normal state, and process could be repeated with the other disk.

    However – I never succeeded in getting system to recognize the new larger volume automatically – even after the last 2TB disk was sync’ed system still only reported a 1TB RAID1 volume – even though the volume menu stated that I had installed 2x2TB disks in the system. I tried both restarting the system and letting the system analyze the disks, but it still only reported a 1TB RAID1 volume. There might have been a way to get the system to resize the volume but I never found it.

    Since I was prepared for worst case scenario and had everything backed up I decided finally to delete the volume and create a new RAID1 volume, and this was totally hassle-free and now I have a fully working 2TB RAID1 volume.

  32. Huey Says:

    Bought two WD Red 2TB NAS Drives to replace the original 1TB drives. I didn’t really follow the instruction here at first, because I didn’t know the “Add/Remove HDD” text was clickable to manage drives. Probably because of that, it took me a couple more swapping of drives until it finally worked.

    Conclusion: these steps work for Western Digital Red 2TB NAS Drives, too

  33. Reinier Balt Says:

    thanks for reporting it!

  34. Cavanutz Says:

    Found a thread on this; finally! I see that someone successfully installed a 4TB drive (4TB Seagate Desktop HDD.15 ST4000DM, respectively). I recently inherited a LG N4B2 (no drives, but verified working), and it would be fantastic if I can go 4 x 4TB, and maybe, bump up the RAM to 2GB (or maybe 4GB) via SODIMM. Long shot I’m sure, but does anyone have familiarity with adding this into the N4 successfully?

    Lastly, has anyone been able to load an alternative OS (I’ve poured through forums about FreeNAS as a possibility; was looking for something easy to lad and configure). Any help or insight would be great. Thanks!

  35. Cavanutz Says:

    Well, I can CONFIRM (for anyone interested that is), that the Western Digital 3TB RED (NAS) hard drives are in fact working. Now about that SODIMM? Anyone? Bueller? Frye?

  36. Frederic Says:

    Hi ! I’ve been experiencing the same issue with my N2B1 LG bad than the one described above. When one of my 1Tb Seagate drive failed and I tried to replace it by a 1Tb WD Green hard drive I’d in spare. I’ve not been able to activate it and not been able to set volume option neither.
    Since my data were already backup, I tried to reinitialize the N2B1 by holding down the arrow keys at startup. At the end of the init phase, it shows up on my network, but the volumes are not present and any configuration attempt fails. Finally, when I check the status for the hard drive, the system sees them but there is no status associated. I’ve tested my configuration with several 1To hard drive that I had but none seems to be recognized and can be formatted by the NAS.
    Does anyone had an idea about what the next step could be ?
    I also wonder if the HDD should be formatted in a special way before being inserted in the system ? FAT32 or NTFS ? Any specific partition option ?

  37. Samuel Says:

    I too came across your blog, I’m seeking to upgrade my 1TB drives to 2TB or 3TB. I installed a 3TB drive in Bay 2.

    How does one initiate the resync’ing of the new drive?

    It displays in the LG NAS Monitoring screen as inactive – and the correct size and other HDD information.

    Thank you.

  38. Frank Says:

    Yep. Upgraded to 2TB Hitachi Desktop A7K2000 HDS722020ALA330 (Refurbished). No problems so far. Someone previously mentioned “… firmware version removed all the RAID options from the NAS device.” which is wrong. It is there in the new UI. You need to select both drives in the set up before the option appears.

    I might go to 4TBs. Just follow the directions.

  39. Steh-fan Says:


    are there any updates from those who tried two 3 or even 4 GB drives in the LG-Nas?

  40. Rick Says:

    False alarm on my previous post… About an hour after I posted it, the volume rebuild process finished and I am now up and running RAID1 with 2 3TB WD Red NAS drives.

    Your procedure worked flawlessly, just verrrrrrrrrry slow! 🙂

  41. Gino Says:

    Hi , I just upgraded my R2N1 NAS with 2x 3TB WD RED NAS drives. until now , i used 2x 1.5TB WD caviar drives. Before i could use my new WD RED drives , i had to update the firmware from 2660 (old UI) to 10124 (New UI). The new drives were not accepted using the delete/add drive procedure. This is how i managed to get them up and running : I created al RAID 1 volume with the older 1.5TB drives and got 2.7TB of space. Then i just pulled the 2nd drive out of the NAS and got “Volume 1 error” –> replaced the 1.5TB drive with the 3TB drive and put it back into the 2nd bay –> in NAS interface delete volume 1 and the new 3TB drive was recognized –> create new volume –> RAID 0 and NAS was synchronizing the drives. When done –> i just pulled the 1st drive out and replaced with the other new 3TB drive –> again delete volume 1 and i got 2 3TB drives in the NAS system ! Create new volume RAID 0 –> synchronizing and finaly i had a 5.3TB storage volume !

    Conclusion : the N2R1 NAS does support 3TB WD RED nas drives !

  42. JD Says:

    Hi Gino, that sounds promising. I’ve just updated my N2R1 with a Blu-ray burner and was contemplating to max out this NAS. You have the only working solution for drives bigger than 2TB and I was just wondering if this also should work with 4TB drives…

  43. Raul Says:

    Hi all,

    I upgrade to 10124, i trying to install Seagate 4TB disk. It´s detected, i created one volume and format ended succesfully (indicated by a popup windows) but when i open “Volumes” configuration it appears in error state. HD is OK becauses it has been used by another NAS previously.